A Really Close Shave / Phone Calls From The Dead

by Brother Russell



Two tracks from the 1994 cassette and subsequent 1996 CD "Radio Jihad". Since the two tracks appear on the CD in this sequence, and don't make much sense out of sequence, I have combined them here into one track. (Historical note: Based on the disaster mentioned in the second part of the call, it can be confirmed that the call took place on September 22, 1993).


released June 6, 2017



all rights reserved


BROTHER RUSSELL and "Melba Jackson" Texas

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Years ago, Russell Miles (ironically nicknamed "Brother Russell") made odd phone calls to talk radio shows and recorded them right off the radio as they happened. The best of these tapes were later compiled and released on CD. So here they are, along with some other stuff Russell recorded but never released. russbandcamp at gmail dot com ... more

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